Photographe-Plasticien-Encaustique Plastician Photographer – Encaustic Mixed Media

“Loin d’un monde trop réel.”   
« Far from a world too real. »

Photographe de presse magazine (Stéphanie, Super Géant, Music-Music, Podium, Sygma) côtoie les chanteurs des années 1970/1990 et réalise des pochettes de disques et affiches pour les artistes.

En Californie pendant 5 années, photographe pour les Éditions de France, magazines : Première, Onze, Karaté, Studio, Quad.

Fin des années 80, correspondant en Polynésie pour Les Nouvelles de Tahiti. retour à paris en 1989. 15 ans dans la pub.

en voyage à Woodstock (New York) en 2006, il découvre l’encaustique et commence à l’associer à ses prises de vues.

après 10 années à new york, retour en france et quelques mois par an au sénégal



A photographer and traveler at large since his childhood dreams. Passionate about images, Jean studies motion picture, his first dream: photography, journalism and naturally returns towards the world that makes both young and old dream.

He begins as the head of a magazine photo department and gravitates around show biz stars and creating his first work, vinyl covers and advertising banners for singers of the 80’s and 90’s.

Jean then goes to California for 3 years, as a reporter and photographer for « Editions de France ». He discovers the « off-road » scene before returning to fashion in Los Angeles, where the light is so unique, working for local publications. He does numerous shootings for young actresses’ portfolios in Hollywood studios.

In 1987, he flies to Bora Bora (French Polynesia) and becomes the news correspondent for « Les Nouvelles de Tahiti » where he interviews and photographs local politicians, often daring, as well as creates fashion documentaries in the “islands under the wind”.

He returns to Paris and turns to advertising, more precisely merchandising where he conceives and builds campaigns for pharmaceutical and cosmetic brands. Jean leaves Paris to find a more creative and colorful technical media which he finds in New York, where he can focus on his passion: photography.

In Woodstock, he discovers wax and develops an expertise in mixed media combining photography and paint where the bright colored pigments added to melted wax allow him

to transcend the banality of every day. For Jean, New York means intensity and light, where the images are

intimately bound and bring imagination to a world often too real.

Today Jean navigates between Paris and Dakar Senegal.